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Equine Laundry, Repair & Embroidery
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C&A Equine Rug Laundry Service

C&A is a family owned and run animal laundry

We have invested heavily in professional washing and drying equipment. Using proven products to wash

and re-proof outdoor rugs, all items are cleaned and dried according to the manufacturers instructions, and only using only top quality cleaning products.

Unlike many other rug washing companies all our rugs are dried in our specially constructed drying room.

 (we don’t tumble dry rugs), reducing the risk of shrinking and heat damaging rugs.


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We also buy and sell second hand rugs -  call for an up to date list


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C&A Equine Laundry & Repair
Unit 4F
Dean & Chapter Industrial Estate
DL17 8LH

Email: info@candaequine.co.uk

Phone: (01740) 657831

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